Smart Meters Catching on Even in IL

According to the Department of Energy more than 5 million of smart meters have been installed nationwide. Most smart meters have been installed in: FL, TX, CA, ID, AZ, OK, MI and NV. The smart meters make the electrical grid more efficient, reliable and secure.The meters provide homeowners and the utilities with access to information about energy use. Napervile, suburb of the city of Chicago became one of the first communities in Illinois to begin installing the smart meter technology. It is expected to take months to install all 57,000 devices. Smart meter will render traditional meter readers who walk from house to house obsolete. The opponents fear the constant stream of real-time data will enable remote operators to monitor consumer behavior like never before, raising privacy and health concerns. The RF wireless signal exposure from smart meters would be 125 to 1,250 times less than from a cell phone.