Biggest Power Outage in the World

14 kW Standby Generator installed in Westchester, IL
14 kW Standby Generator installed in Westchester, IL

The largest power blackout has happened in India, leaving around 670 million people without power, almost 10% of world population. Aging and overwhelmed power grid is to blame, the same problem USA has been facing for a long time. Don’t let this happen to your family, don’t let severe weather catch you in a cold house, flood the basement or spoil all your food. Have us install a backup generator and forget about it. You’ll be reminded of it the next time you lose power. Your house and your family now has a back up plan in the case of a power loss. Call us today 312-404-6948 to schedule a free consultation about standby power generators. 

Whole Home Wifi Coverage

Luxul wireless whole house wifi signal / coverageBoost your wifi coverage by 400%. Only one Luxul device is needed to have a wifi signal throughout your whole house. The circular polarized antenna technology is great for penetrating obstacles and increasing overall signal range. Single access point can cover homes and commercial facilities as large as 17000 square feet.

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Phasing Out Incandescent Light Bulbs

Recessed Light (CAN) LED RetrofitNew federal legislation that took effect in January 2012 doesn’t ban traditional incandescent  light bulbs invented by Thomas Edison more than 100 years ago. Over the next several years all newly manufactured light bulbs will have to consume no more than 75% of today’s lamps and still produce the same amount of light. That effectively rules out traditional light bulbs.

The rules currently apply only to 100W (watt) light bulbs. In January 2013 75W light bulbs will follow and as of 2014 60W and 40W light bulbs have to comply as well. Everything takes effect one year earlier in California.

As of now the enforcement has been postponed until October 2012.There are many replacements for traditional light bulbs available today. Low wattage compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) and Light Emitting Diode (LED) lamps produce warm light similar to traditional light bulbs using only fraction of the energy of Edison’s light bulb.

If you have a lot of recessed lights at home it’s time for a stylish update that will give you better lighting and save you money at the same time. Many companies manufacture retrofit kits for recessed lights that last up to 50,000 hours, eliminating bulb maintenance for up to 20 years. Let us help you save money. Both residential and commercial customers can drastically reduce the energy use by retrofitting old inefficient light fixtures.

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Another Project Finished

We have just finished a brand new single family house.  In addition to the electrical installation, the project included all the low voltage too. The owner is very happy with the great Martin Logan home theater zone driven by Marantz SR 7005 receiver, Russound whole house audio distribution with 9 zones and Polk Audio speakers, network throughout the house, Sharp 70″ and Samsung 3D TVs. All the equipment is nicely hidden in the media closet and controlled by the new remote from Universal Remote Control URC MX-780.  Panamax surge protection for the equipment and Cutler Hammer whole house surge protection has been installed as well. Most of the lights are being controlled by Lutron Maestro dimmers, bathroom exhaust fans are on Lutron Maestro timers.

Smart Meters Catching on Even in IL

According to the Department of Energy more than 5 million of smart meters have been installed nationwide. Most smart meters have been installed in: FL, TX, CA, ID, AZ, OK, MI and NV. The smart meters make the electrical grid more efficient, reliable and secure.The meters provide homeowners and the utilities with access to information about energy use. Napervile, suburb of the city of Chicago became one of the first communities in Illinois to begin installing the smart meter technology. It is expected to take months to install all 57,000 devices. Smart meter will render traditional meter readers who walk from house to house obsolete. The opponents fear the constant stream of real-time data will enable remote operators to monitor consumer behavior like never before, raising privacy and health concerns. The RF wireless signal exposure from smart meters would be 125 to 1,250 times less than from a cell phone.